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The locations and movements of all vehicles, the interactions between vehicles are... all digitalized.

Zen Traffic Data was born from the image sensing technology developed by the Hanshin Expressway Company, which aims to realize a safe, secure and comfortable use of vehicles.
The data consists of wide range and long period of all vehicle trajectory data and any other data affecting traffic events. As a result, the real complicated traffic phenomenon itself, that no one has been able to grasp so far, has been digitalized.
The Hanshin Expressway Company believes that “Zen Traffic Data” contributes to making road traffic service more safe, secure and comfortable. Let’s develop the road traffic service even further.

ZTD Zen Traffic Data

Project ZTD

“Zen Traffic Data,” which takes its name from the concept of Zen, is intent on making the current state of transportation clear with comprehensive data as well as using this data, which is originated from Japan, to improve the current state of road traffic in the world.