Data sets

1.Section dataset *1

Data type Data overview Notes
1-1 Overview of the target sections Location, road surface information, road markers and signs, etc. of the target sections PDF file
1-2 Overview of the traffic Cross-sectional traffic volume, number of congestion occurred and speed contour graphs, etc. PDF file
  1. ※1 The datasets describe basic information relating to traffic conditions for the target sections.

2.Traffic dataset *2

Data type Data overview Notes
2-1 Vehicle trajectory database
Vehicle trajectory data, vehicle attributes, road surface information csv file
2-2 Vehicle trajectory video
An mp4 file that shows the location of all vehicles on the map as dots mp4 file
2-3 Pulse data from vehicle detectors Pulse data from vehicle detectors within the target sections csv file
  1. ※2 As of February 2023, five one-hour traffic datasets*3 obtained at the approx. 2 km section of the Hanshin Expressway Route 11 Ikeda Line (Osaka bound) nearby the Tsukamoto Junction
    Hanshin Expressway Route 4 (Wangan Route Osaka bound) at the Ohama-Sambo section
    Hanshin Expressway Route 13 (Higashiosaka Route Nara bound) nearby the Morinomiya Junction
    can be provided.
  2. ※3 When downloading this data, the time-space diagram of all vehicles’ trajectory can be viewed in each of the traffic datasets.