Applications of the data

Potential applications for the data use

The data can be used for various analyses and studies and can also be expected to contribute to improve road traffic services.

Estimation of traffic conditions

  • Validation and creation of traffic flow theory
  • Analysis on the mechanism of traffic events and their causes
  • Consideration and evaluation of improvement methods to achieve a road environment that is less affected by traffic
  • Diversification of vehicle behavior models

Application for traffic operation and control

Understanding the influence of vehicle behavior

  • Analysis of the influence that vehicle behavior has on surrounding vehicles
  • Understanding the vehicle behavior that is the cause for traffic events such as accidents, congestion, etc.
  • Improvement of current traffic issues related to autonomous driving and the prediction of unrecognized issues

Application for vehicle control and driving support

Creation of scenarios for the various actual traffic conditions

  • Understanding various traffic events
  • Improvement of detection technology for singular traffic events
  • Generation of various scenarios to be used for virtual validations

Application for autonomous control and driving

Visualization of actual traffic conditions

  • Re-creation and visualization of actual traffic events
  • VR experience of encountering traffic events
  • Analysis of the mental state of the driver
  • VR experience of driving control

Application for education and achieving awareness

Reinterpretation and rationalization of installed sensors

  • Rationalization of location and use of the current sensing equipment
  • Supplementing the understanding of past data through comparative studies

Rationalization of installed sensors