Database configuration

Items within the vehicle trajectory database

Vehicle Trajectory Vehicle Attributes Road Surface Information*5
Common Information
  • Vehicle ID *1
  • Time
  • Vehicle ID *1
  • Time
  • Vehicle ID *1
  • Time
Data-specific Information
  • Speed
  • Lane number
  • Latitude *2
  • Longitude *2
  • Kilopost *3
  • Vehicle size class *4
  • Vehicle length
  • Longitudinal slope
  • Cross slope
  • Curvature
  1. ※1 The data does not include information that can be used to identify a specific vehicle. So a vehicle may appear on multiple trips but cannot be specified.
  2. ※2 Vehicle location (described by latitude and longitude) is calculated using the position of the rear center of the vehicle.
  3. ※3 Each kilo-post denotes the distance from the origin of each route.
  4. ※4 Vehicle size classification is divided into two: standard and large (over 6 m in length), and it does not include motorcycles.
  5. ※5 Road surface information is the road information for a certain car at a certain time and location.